As expected, in September the French government will launch the first round of tenders for the construction of 3,000 megawatts (MW) capacity of wind power in a dozen sea areas identified as favorable.

The first tender will involve the installation of 600 wind turbines off the French coast, a program that represents 10 billion euros of investment, said recently the Department of Ecology and Energy.

Projects will be selected in the third quarter of 2011 on the basis of the purchase price of electricity and the proposed period of commissioning of facilities.

The ministry told that “at current cost of 3.5 million euros per megawatt installed, this represents an investment program of 10 billion euros.”

The areas chosen for the construction of wind farms should be located in the Channel and North Sea, north of Brittany, off Pays de la Loire and Languedoc-Roussillon provinces.

The development plan for renewable energies in France provides an accelerated development of offshore wind energy, and is the plant with a capacity of 6000 MW by 2020 target confirmed during the Grenelle Sea and in the adoption of the new “Energy Road Map of France”.

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