Grenelle Environment’s plan for renewable energy development of France   provides an accelerated development of offshore wind energy, and construction of a plant with a capacity of 6000 MW by 2020.

The challenge for France is twofold: to honor the commitments of the Grenelle Environment and Energy Package and climate, but also to gain a leading position in the future marine energy industry and allow the creation of thousands perennial job on home soil. The “program for the development of offshore wind of the Grenelle Environment” revolves around three axes:

Axis 1: Joint planning:

In spring 2009, the Government asked the prefects of the regions of Brittany, Pays de la Loire Haute-Normandie, Aquitaine and Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur to establish, for each coastline, a forum for consultation and planning, bringing together all stakeholders. The identification of technical issues, regulatory and environmental issues is now complete, and the prefects were instructed to complete the consultation with the stakeholders before the end of the first half of 2010. This work will enable the Government to announce in the next few weeks the selection of a dozen “conducive areas” in which offshore wind is developed.

Axis 2: A simplified regulatory framework:

Since the adoption of the draft law on national commitment to the environment (Grenelle 2), the procedures for offshore wind will be very much simplified, and management of connection of offshore wind farms to the grid can be optimized.

Axis 3: Tenders aimed at creating of new “green” industry jobs:

In october 2010 the Government will launch the first round of tenders for the installation of 3000 MW in the areas identified as suitable for the end of the planning process and consultation undertaken in recent months. Projects will be selected in the third quarter of 2011 on the basis of the purchase price of electricity and the proposed period of commissioning of facilities.

These tenders are aimed at industrial customers. As such, candidates must present their industrial project: contribution to the development of industry in the offshore wind, mobilization of the industrial and local infrastructure, job creation…

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