Three Kings Hotel in Pamplona, a four-star place, has covered its main curtain wall facade with semi-transparent photovoltaic modules. The technology chosen “So Thru” plates by SCHOTT , which will produce 21 430 kWh each year, preventing the emission into the atmosphere of 13.91 tonnes of CO2.

The 1263 photovoltaic modules not only generate electricity, but provide the added value of improved insulation and heat balance of the building. In this hotel semitransparent modules have been used, manufactured using thin film technology in which solar cells are integrated into the laminated glass, which have been installed along the front line. Have overlapped one over the other and are attached by a hidden mechanical elements.

“The whole maintains an aesthetically pleasing, modern, suitable for an urban site, without overwhelming the park annex and excess contrast in the outskirts of Pamplona’s old town,” explains Jose Luis Arranz, Director of Production of the installation company, Acciona Facilities.

Once the installation on the main facade, is planned to install other modules 674 on the rear facade of the building.

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