The Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) has confirmed the implementation of an investment of two million euro in a production plant capable of producing annually 300,000 flat-plate collectors and vacuum tube.

Matla Solar Plant, at the initiative of industry partners in Asia and South Africa, will be installed in East London in Eastern Cape Province. The capital will be shared between ECDC (15%) and Taiwanese companies Matla (53%) and Ming Yan (32%). Production costs will be lower than those of imported panels, including countries like China. The company hopes to create over 100 jobs on the site of production and 50-100 jobs in the retail and consumer services.

The South African government aims to promote more than one million units of solar water heaters by 2013, but many observers are skeptical when the production capacity and existing facility in the country. Investors believe that within four years the market will be between 0.15 and 0.2 billion euro.

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