Nordex (Denmark), Enercon (Germany), Vestas (Denmark) announced, in just one week, contracts for the supply of wind turbines that will target Greek, Taiwanese and Chinese markets respectively.

Vestas, which happens to be the leading supplier of wind turbines in the world, has consolidated its position in the growing Chinese market by signing last April 15 a contract of 49 MW. The Danish company, true to its communication policy, has refused to identify the client “for reasons of confidentiality” and merely asserts that this is a wind farm in the province of Guandong. In 2009, China has added 13.8 GW of wind power to its national park, with which it has already reached 26 GW cumulative power. Vestas says it has installed there 2GW or about 8% of the total. The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) believes that China will install new 20 GW annually by 2014.

For its part, the company Nordex, also Danish, announced also on the fifteenth day of April, a contract for 30 MW in Greece. The 12 machines covered by the contract, 2.5 MW, will aim for a project on the north coast of the country. Nordex has sought to identify neither the client nor the promoter-site. The Danish firm intends to launch the facility in mid-2011. Although the Greek market has failed to meet industry expectations, it did pass the milestone of cumulative gigawatt (megawatts) in late 2009, after installing, during that year, only 97 MW. The new Socialist government, which took over last October, says it wants to produce 40% of electricity from renewable sources by 2020 (it is now 2%).

Meanwhile, the first German manufacturer Enercon, has published details of a signed contract for 33 MW in Taiwan earlier this year with the national electricity company TPC. The contract includes 6 900 kW machines, aimed at the island of Penghu, and twelve 2.3 MW, to be shared among a fleet of 23 MW in the village of Wang Kong and a 4.6 MW facility near TPC power plant that operates in Datan. In late 2009, Taiwan had 436 MW of wind power gained, according to the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), after adding 78 MW of new power in 2009, of which 11.5 MW were installed by Enercon . The German technologist says it has installed hundreds of wind turbines in Taiwan to date.

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