While Germany connects its first major marine park network and France said this month that they will identify a dozen offshore locations to then open contest, the Swiss electrical Vattenfall began the construction of a park in the Irish Sea, at the same time Nordex announces its intention to acquire up to 40% of a marine park of 300 MW in the Baltic Sea.

Vattenfall says his Marine Park Ormonde, 150 MW, has already begun. The park, located in the Irish Sea, ten miles from the English coastal town of Barrow-in-Furness, northwest of the country, consists of 35 MW REpower wind turbine. Vattenfall planned to connect the park late in 2011. Meanwhile, the first German offshore park, Alpha Ventus, 60 MW, was connected to the network, its promoters/owners say, a consortium of the German utilities of Vattenfall and E.ON and EWE. The park, consisting of 12 REpower wind turbines, located 45 kilometers from the island of Borlum, costed 250 million euros.

On the other hand, French media sources say that the French Minister of Environment, Jean-Louis Borloo, has promised to make public, before the end of May, the 10 areas suitable for the installation of offshore wind farms. The French government would seek to open up to competition these areas in September, according to the local press. The total power is estimated to award 3 GW (3,000 MW). Borloo expects to complete the selection process later on this year. The contest is part of the French government plans, which set the goal of reaching 6 GW of offshore wind power costs accumulated by 2020, which is necessary to add 19 GW land wind.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Nordex has been announced the signing of a contract that would provide a turnout of 40% in the first phase of 300 MW Arcadis Ost 1 Marine Park located 11 miles northeast of the island of Rugen in the Baltic Sea. The remaining 60% belongs to WV Energie AG. The agreement still needs approval from competition authorities, in line with the development, by Nordex, a new multi-MW offshore wind turbine.

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