EDF EN Canada, a subsidiary of France’s EDF Energies Nouvelles has announced the construction of three photovoltaic solar energy projects for a total of 36MW with 12 MW each. All three are located in Ontario, under the program RESOP (Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program), implemented by the provincial government to promote renewable energy.

The project Elmsley, near Lombardy, in the Rideau Lakes Township, has two sites of 12 MW, Suntech panels. The other, called St. Isidore, is located near the town of that name San Isidro in the municipality of La Nation, and shall consist of First Solar panels.

The company said the projects will generate clean electricity for about 10,500 homes and will employ about 350 people during its design, engineering and construction. Projects must provide a local electrical service through connections to the water distribution network, which is expected in late 2010.

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