The European Commission established GreenBuilding and GreenLight Award in 2000 and 2005 respectively, encouraging the reduction of energy consumption by the public and private organizations on a voluntary basis.

One of twelve winners of the 2010 edition of the GreenLight program is the Dagda Town Council in Latvia, which has reduced its energy consumption for lighting by 85% after endorsing this initiative in 2007.

For GreenBuilding category, two of the best renovation projects, an office building in Austria and a high school in Germany, have made more than 80% energy saving.

These initiatives include more than 700 participants throughout Europe, saving about 545 gigawatt-hours annually. This is equivalent to the energy consumed by two mid-sized European cities during the same period.

Managed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, GreenLight and GreenBuilding programs are voluntary initiatives that encourage the private and public organizations to reduce their consumption energy in their premises. GreenLight encourages partners to install lighting, energy-efficient while GreenBuilding initiative aims to encourage improvements in energy efficiency in buildings through a number of measures such as thermal insulation, heating and cooling efficient, intelligent control systems, photovoltaic solar panels, etc.

The 2010 has a total of 24 participants who receive awards for their achievements or their innovative projects. Decisions are based on energy savings, the technology used and the sector they belong to (public buildings, retail, offices, etc.)

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