The largest concentration of wind turbines were recorded in the regions of Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.

Wind power in China for 2020 reached 230 gigawatts, an amount equivalent to thirteen times the electricity produced by the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydroelectric project.

This is one of the main conclusions of the report “Overview of China Wind Power 2010”, presented in Beijing by Greenpeace, the World Wind Energy (GWEC) and the Renewable Energy Industry in China.

The paper notes that China led the world in 2009 with the installation of wind turbines, with 10,129 new wind turbines to build a capacity of 13.8 GW, which involves the installation of a new wind turbine every hour in China.

In fact, this is the fourth consecutive year that the country doubled its wind capacity, which now totals 25.8 gigawatts. With these data and in absolute terms, China is now at second position worldwide, behind only the United States.

The largest concentration of wind turbines were recorded in the regions of Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, two largely rural with large areas full of highland terrain.

“The speed of wind power development in China is remarkable,” said Steve Sawyer, secretary general of the Global Wind Energy Council.

The wind farms will be used to replace the energy generated by 200 power plants using coal, “argued Ailun Yang, head of Energy and Climate team of Greenpeace China.

Among other benefits, he said, will mean a reduction of 440 million tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere and creating half a million jobs.

The development of Chinese wind sector is apparent in the rise of companies that manufacture wind turbines, and Sinovel (ranked third worldwide), Goldwind (fifth) and Donfang (seventh), which are among the ten largest in the world, a classification that is also present the Spanish Gamesa, sixth, and Acciona.

China also has a key position in the manufacture of lithium batteries and electric cars, is the largest manufacturer of solar photovoltaic and is taking the first steps in thermal.

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