The Three Gorges dam, located in Hubei province, China, is considered the largest hydroelectric dam and the largest generator of electricity in the world since 2006, but Chinese engineers of the hydropower industry has called the central government to launch the construction of a new giant dam on the banks of the Brahmaputra in Tibet to promote renewable energy development in the country.

Zhang Boting, the deputy secretary general of the China Society for Hydropower Engineering, believes that such a structure on the banks of the river would provide a strong asset to the country in its fight against fossil fuels. According to Zhang, research on the project have been conducted but no final plan has yet been established. Techniques for constructing such a project are to be controlled, however. According to government sources, a hydroelectric plant of 38 GW is under study. “The dam could save 200 million tonnes of CO2 per year,” says Zhang. Currently, 28 new dams are under consideration in the province of Tibet in order to allow the development of renewable energy in China.

However, many questions remain about the consequences of such a project on relationships with neighboring countries such as India, which recently accused China of control in favor of the Himalayan rivers with their dams in Tibet and thus to accentuate the effects of drought occurred this year in Southeast Asia. In addition, high altitudes and high earthquake risk around the Tibetan plateau, not far from the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred in Sichuan province in May 2008 that killed more than 80,000 victims are new technological challenges for a project of this scale.

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