In 2009, for the first time ever, China has placed the world’s largest investors in renewable energy, largely before the United States with 25.8 billion euros, against 13.9 billion for the latter.
Also in 2009, global investment in renewable energy has reached 121 billion euros, down 6.6% compared to 2008. However, this rate is relative given the economic downturn and the fact that the investments had increased dramatically over the last two quarters compared to the same period of 2008.

Several signs show that the growth will continue in 2010 with an estimated turnover of 150 billion euros (25%). This information is revealed in the report entitled “Who is winning the race for renewable energy? Growth, Competitiveness and Opportunities in a Global Economy”, drafted by a non-profit association “Pew Charitable Trust” in collaboration with Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

The study conducts a thorough analysis of information on different countries. In 2009, Italian investments reached 1.94 billion euros, ahead of countries like Australia, France, Japan and India, but lags behind other European countries a better location: the United States (8 4 billion euros), Spain (7.8 billion) and Germany (3.2 billion). Italy has invested mainly in wind energy (61.6%) and solar energy (20.3%).

China is in turn become the leading country on the wind market in 2009, thanks not only to 13.75 GW of new capacity, but also to its suppliers 3 of which are among the 10 largest manufacturers of turbines.

“The new potential of China that represented over the third of the Total global capacity in wind energy (38 GW) last year, is a record despite the financial crisis,” said the Danish consultancy BTM. “447 GW of the global wind power capacity will nearly triple over the next five years and could reach nearly 1,000 GW within a decade.

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