Scientists at Columbia University New York for years had been conducting research that laid the creation of devices capable of capturing much more CO2 than natural trees. Essentially these are high-tech towers of special absorbent materials.

Klaus Lackner, a geophysicist at the Engineering Center of the Earth at the University of Columbia, who in the past two decades has been investigating the capture of CO2 is one of the operators of these machines, which some have dubbed “synthetic trees”.

According to some analysts, capture the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere could be a simpler solution than, say, building cars or airplanes that do not emit.

In that sense, Lackner, associated with Allen Wright, also of the Engineering Center of the Earth, the company has created Global Research Technologies to design an industrial scale this “tree”.

“The tree has branches similar to those of a pine tree and its needles are made of a plastic material that can absorb carbon dioxide as air flow,” said the scientist, adding, “the same way as does a natural tree, as air flows through the branches of these trees absorb CO2 and keep it inside. ” He said that the absorption of these machines is about 1,000 times faster than the natural trees.

The company claims that the trees with a life expectancy of 15 years, consumes minimal energy in the process of carbon sequestration, and share with other carbon capture technologies similar energy requirements to store the resulting carbon.

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