Nicknamed Britannia offshore wind turbine of 10 MW, with a height of over 150 meters and a diameter of 145 meters is under construction in Blyth, a town in the county of Northumberland, northern England.

The Britannia which includes three blades of more than 30 tons each should make its appearance in British waters during the next two years.

For Mr Grainger, the project manager at Clipper Windpower Marine, the 10-megawatt machine marks the beginning of a trend growing in the wind industry. “There are no technical constraints to exceed size limits. You just need to make some changes. To obtain more robust pale, for example, you need to incorporate more carbon, but we are still far from 100% carbon”.

However, the wear of metal caused by the stress imposed by the rotation of the blades remains one of the biggest engineering problems that will solve the Britannia team.

Clipper Windpower sea will swallow £ 44 million order to manufacture the turbine, incorporating also the cost of the plant in Newcastle in charge of designing the giant blades. The project will also receive funding of 5 million pounds of the regional development agency.

Another project for offshore wind scale (10 MW) was initiated by Norway in February. This is a concept of floating wind turbine developed by Sway.

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