Antro, Hungarian carmaker, is developing a new electric car that can be divided into two smaller cars. This new vehicle concept should be marketed in 2012.

Antro propose two models: the Solo and Duet. The Antro Duo, great family car, can be separated into two identical mini-vehicles, two Antro Solo. These hybrids will be entrained by an engine using biofuel and electric motors placed in the wheels. Solar cells will be installed on the roof and will charge the batteries. The passenger car of the future will also be involved in launching it by pressing a pedal generator.

The lightweight construction of these cars, made of an alloy of magnesium and carbon fiber composite, and will reduce wind resistance minimum around 75% of their fuel efficiency compared to current vehicles. The use of engine power and the drive pedal will generate enough energy to travel 20km per day in urban areas.

The Hungarian car company began the investigation stage for the development of this new product in 2002. With the support of local sponsors, 1.5 million euros have been invested for the implementation of market research and prototype development.

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