The world’s largest planned wind farm is in the center of a military dispute.

The proposed wind farm in the state of Oregon, northwest of the US, which plans to install 338 wind turbines to complete an installed capacity of 845 MW, is paralyzed by the concerns of the Federal Aviation Administration (FFA, federal court regulates the airspace). The very Air Force supports the ban, which could even affect Iberdrola Renovables parks.

The issue has involved the highest officials in the White House, working to iron out positions. On the side of the developer of the park, Caithness Energy, which claims to pursue an investment of two billion dollars (1,494 million euros), Shepherds Flat project should begin in May, as it is estimated that the work carried 18 months.

The rush to make sense if one understands that to be eligible for federal incentive plans for renewables, the enterprises that wish to apply they must be completed in late 2012.

In addition, the case involving General Electric, which in December was awarded the Order of construction of the nearly 340 wind turbines, a transaction of $1,400 million (1,046 million euros).

According to the FAA, the park structures represent “a danger to air navigation.” In letters sent to owners of the lands of Arlington, in the north of the state, which would extend the complex, it is argued that the turbines would exceed the “standards of obstruction and / or have an effect of electromagnetic interference as well as seriously impair the ability of the (Department of Defense) to detect, monitor and safely conduct air operations in this region”.

In Fossil, about 80 km to the south, is a military radar station. The Pentagon makes sure that a certain position in the rotation of the blades could interfere with radar signals, used for air defense surveillance.

The matter involves Caithness Energy, General Electric, the FAA, the Pentagon, and the White House remains in suspense of 16,000 jobs.

As quoted in the Washington Post, and for a few months of 2006 the Pentagon, and for similar reasons, ordered the suspension of the operations of wind farms, prompting demands from companies.

In the same article mentions that the position taken by the U.S. Air Force could endanger nearby three wind farms developed by the Iberdrola Renovables subsidiary in the US, which could add to the  Shepherds Flat site project up to 3 GW.

Iberdrola spokeswoman Jan Johnson has been quoted as saying that the projects do not represent any danger to navigation, although there have been some minor amendments, which require the second round of review by the FAA.

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