A Spanish agronomist, Emilio Pons, has filed an international patent for a photovoltaic floating roof that can both generate electricity and save water.

This engineer, member of the College of Agricultural Engineers (Coial), has designed this system to cover irrigation ponds. The panels are arranged on agricultural irrigation trays, they relatively cut the entry of light, thus limiting the formation of micro algae and hence the costs of treatment. For the same reason they reduce evaporation. Finally, the electricity makes a minimum of operating irrigation systems concerned.

1000 liters of water per m² covered per year could be saved, or about 10% of a tank and covered, and 1300 kWh / m² would be produced through photovoltaic (PV) mounted on the lids.

“With my system, it becomes possible for the farmer irrigating his finance irrigation with electricity” supports Emiliano Pons. An experimental set was installed in August 2009 Virgen de la Paz, and since the designer has filed a patent.

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