Renault F1 Team has announced that Trina Solar, a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic panels (PV) becomes the new official partner of the team.

Trina Solar and the Renault F1 Team will also conduct a joint analysis and a program evaluation designed to estimate how Trina Solar technology could be integrated into existing and future infrastructure of the team in an efficient and profitable manner.

“Trina Solar is delighted to partner with the Renault F1 Team to make PV technology in the world of F1 , “says Jifan Gao, CEO of Trina Solar. ” With the demonstrated ability of F1 to boost brand awareness, we look forward to working with the Renault F1 Team on the events related to F1 around the world in order to promote the development and adoption of sustainable technologies.”

By partnering with the Renault F1 Team, Trina Solar hopes to encourage the adoption of photovoltaic cells and contribute to transfering from Formula 1 to the greener and more environmentally conscious sport.

“We are delighted to welcome Trina Solar as a new partner of the Renault F1 Team,” commented Gerard Lopez, President of the Renault F1 Team.” Trina Solar is the first major sponsor of sports in the field of environmental technology. We are proud also to count a major Chinese company to our side. We look forward to expanding this relationship in several ways: first, the use of F1 as a platform for promoting the adoption of new technologies, then, research on how Trina Solar could contribute to operation team while allowing it to reduce its carbon footprint, and finally, the search for mutual opportunities through HeliosMax, a company that specializes in the design and engineering projects related to the solar panel technology.”

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