ValSolar, a company specializing in the Riviera design installation and maintenance of large-scale solar generators, completed the implementation of a photovoltaic generator on a building in the industrial zone of Tiragon Mouans Sartou, France.
With 1000 sq m equipped with roof, 736 modules installed and 20 inverters to inject the electrical current produced in the EDF network, one of the one of the largest home and business energy suppliers, this is the largest project integration of roof photovoltaic modules connected to the network that has ever emerged in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Two weeks ago, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) proceeded to connect the meter to property line of the industrial area of Tiragon, 8 months after the first administrative steps taken with the mayor and EDF.

With a limited level of electricity production in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (PACA) (less than half of regional needs) and a patchy distribution, the regional power grid is fragile. The ambitious program of renewable energy development started in late 2008 by Jean-Louis Borloo, Minister of the Environment, is essential to secure the electricity grid. The development of power generating electricity on roofs of buildings in areas with high consumption (industrial areas) is justified even more.

In one weekend, this scale photovoltaic plant has produced 600 kWh. Of a total of 2500 m² of roof available, 1000 sq modules have been installed for a total capacity of 132 kilowatts peak (kWp ). This represents an annual production capacity of electricity of 160 000 kilowatt hours (kWh) or the annual consumption of 65 households.

The establishment of this type of generator used to create local energy production centers and enroll in an approach to sustainable energy development for the region which will eventually limit the general power outages, black regional network.

A problem faced by owners: the renovation of the roof should not disrupt its business. ValSolar pioneered by offering its technical solution ISOLPV (patent pending). This technical choice has enabled the integration of photovoltaic modules on the roof without interrupting or disrupting the activity of the building. Based on an ingenious system of exterior insulation, waterproofing of the roof has been completely redone.

In the end: the owner has had no inconvenience during construction and now has an improved building energy balance 4 times better insulated (electricity consumption mastered, soundproofing higher) and consistent with current thermal regulations. “Limiting the costs of repairs to my roof were my priority. With the sun in less than 10 years, the renovation of my roof and my solar installation will be repaid by revenues from the resale of electricity from EDF, “said the owner. “As a bonus, I see the following 10 years nearly 100 000 € / year turnover!”

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  1. Great project! It’s essential for such regions as PACA to launch it!

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