The year 2010 will end with 10 GW of new wind capacity installed in Europe, equaling the figure for 2009, the year Europe saw record 10.16 GW. That’s one of the conclusions of the annual forecast that makes European Wind Energy Association. The new power cumulative number nearly 85 GW. The association also estimates that wind will generate 250 000 new jobs by 2020.

European wind power will grow by 13% in 2010, according to the European Wind Energy. Germany will be the main market. Behind him, United Kingdom. According to EWEA CEO Christian Kjaer, while growth in 2009 was tied to contracts signed before the collapse of international financial markets, growth in 2010 is another reason: “the continuation of a strong confidence of investors this technology. ”

EWEA said yesterday, however, that “the decline expected for the Spanish market will be more than offset both by the duplication of facilities in the new member countries, led by Romania and Bulgaria, as a significant growth in the UK, especially in the marine environment. ” The association believes that offshore wind energy will contribute a gigawatt of new capacity (577 MW, 2009). Moreover, the markets in France and Italy will follow those of Germany and the UK, with the installation, on land, one gigawatt each.

The report’s publication follows the assertion by EWEA wind that will generate 250,000 new new jobs by 2020, an increase of 150% compared to 192 000 today. This statement was made following a meeting held with senior EWEA politicians and European unions. Thus, the cumulative figure to almost 440000-2020, passing 280,000 in 2015, according to EWEA. “It’s about 450 new jobs each week during the next decade,” points out Kjaer.

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