batteryBristol University researcher have developed a new to provide free energy.  They invented a new type a energy-harvesting device for kinetic energy from vibrating household appliances and vehicles in order to use it as a clean source of commercial electricity within five years.

The change would allow the device to resonate over a broader frequency range so that the single device can be used for more applications, such as charging small batteries or even monitoring vitals like blood pressure and heart rate on hospital patients.

The researchers  state these devices would be more environmentally friendly than using actual batteries for recharging devices, since it lacks polluting chemicals and they would last longer than batteries.

“There’s a huge amount of free, clean energy out there in the form of vibrations that just can’t be tapped at the moment. Wider-frequency energy harvesters could make a valuable contribution to meeting energy needs more efficiently and sustainably,” said Dr Stephen Burrow, who is leading the project, “Even just a few milliwatts can power small electronic devices like a heart rate monitor or an engine temperature sensor, but it can also be used to recharge power-hungry devices like MP3 players or mobile phones.”

Sounds good to me.   Hey! My MP3’s got low batteries… Shake it, baby!

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  1. Sounds like a really clean source of energy to me. Still have no idea how they’re going to get it to work but I really look forward buying this one for my cellular

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