renewable_energyDespite the latest solar panels installations at the leading US companies head offices, the United States still falling behind in the renewable energy race. Since signing Kyoto in 1997; agreeing to carbon constraints that forced it to forge ahead and develop new renewable low carbon energy, Europe has raced ahead in wind and solar power, and now dominates the world market.

“America has the opportunity to lead the world in a new industrial revolution,” Steven Chu, the US Secretary of Energy,  told business leaders, political leaders and engineers at a Clemson University symposium.

But, he said: “The world is passing us by. We are falling behind in the clean energy race … China is spending $9 billion a month on clean energy … China has now passed the United States and Europe in high-tech manufacturing. There is no reason the United States should cede high-tech manufacturing to anyone.”

“This is going to be a very competitive business and we want to help the United States get a leadership position in wind generation technology,” Mr. Chu said.

“This is high-tech manufacturing. This means quality jobs for Americans, this means better exports and balance of trade, it means better consumption at home, it further drives down the price of wind, it betters our exports, it creates jobs in America. We see all good things.”

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