It is being predicted that the world population will be more, than 12 billion people by 2100, whereas the demand for energy will be five times greater than what it is now. If most economies will continue using coal, oil and gas at the present rate, by the year 2010 the global warming of the planet’s climate will continue, increasing the temperature by 2 more degrees Celsius. This will bring higher risks of flooding in lowland areas, the processes of desertification, and other adverse effects, causing serious damage to the planets wild life and nature, not speaking of the economic losses due to various natural disasters.

At the present moment the renewable energy use makes only for 11% to our primary energy. To ensure a safe and healthy future, we have to keep and create a healthy environment for our next generations by actively utilizing renewable energy every day. The outlook assumes that 60% of all our energy should come from renewable energy in the future (by the year 2070). We have to address this matter as soon as possible as it will literally mean the world to the planet, the key value for renewable energy is at it’s best set to 80% of all utilized energy. Not so long ago over two billion dollars were allocated to projects dealing with renewable energy and the environment by The World Solar Summit, World Solar Decade and the World Bank. This is one of those demonstrations that show us, how important is the research and development of renewable energy sources. This web resource will try to tell you more on this subject with every publication we post.

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