The sun: Limitless energy we can use anywhere

Do you know the volume of solar energy beaming down on our planet? On a clear day, solar energy of approximately one kilowatt per square meter reaches the Earth’s surface. A single hour of solar energy reaching the Earth would be enough to supply the world’s energy needs for an entire year. If solar cells were arrayed over just one percent of the planet’s total surface, the world could generate all the electricity it needed.
The earth basks in an enormous volume of solar energy. Unlike oil, coal or other fossil fuels, there is no danger of it running out. And it produces no CO2 emissions or other downside for the environment. In contrast to energy resources buried beneath the ground only in certain regions, solar energy can be found anywhere. And there is no need to transport or burn it. If the sun’s rays are utilized well, energy can be obtained anywhere in the world.
Global warming considerations

Today, faced with the problems of global warming and environmental degradation, finding an effective use of non-polluting solar energy is a highly significant factor in preserving the world we live in today.
Sharp began developing solar cells half a century ago

Half a century ago, in 1959, Sharp began developing solar cells. As a manufacturer of products that consume electricity, we’ve always felt it’s our responsibility to create electricity as well. No other companies were thinking like that 50 years ago. We were one of the first to realize the effectiveness of solar energy and have continued to develop it ever since.

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