SolarmerfotoAnd we have a new world record set!!!

One of the world leaders in organic photovoltaics, or OPVs, Solarmer Energy Inc, based in California,  announced they set a new world record for plastic solar cells efficiency for a second consecutive time reaching a cell efficiency of 7.6%.  Solarmer expect their achievement to start a new solar energy drive as the record they set will allow to drop costs for solar energy as low as 12-15 cents/kWh.

In August 2009, FlexTech Alliance awarded a $450,000 contract to Solarmer Energy to design and synthesize high efficiency donor polymer materials for use in OPVs. The company also announced that it is nearing completion of its new pilot production line.

One of the major questions regarding OPV is the relatively lower efficiency being achieved. With its latest accomplishment, Solarmer is right on schedule.

“Our efficiency goal has always been to reach approximately 8% in 2009,” said Dina Lozofsky, vice president, corporate development at Solarmer Energy. “There were times that this seemed an insurmountable threshold, which was certainly backed up by the fact that no one else had even come close to 7%. But we have always persevered and had faith in our R&D team.”

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