Wind turbineA new comprehensive study — The Impact of Wind Power Projects on Residential Property Values in the United States: A Multi-Site Hedonic Analysis — conclusively shows that property values are not harmed by wind turbines and wind power facilities.

The study, conducted by Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory shows that neither views of wind facilities nor proximity to wind facilities have any significant effect on property values.

The study examined “7,500 sales of single-family homes situated within 10 miles of 24 existing wind facilities in nine different U.S. states.”

As the report states, neither views of nor distance to wind facilities “have any consistent, measurable, and statistically significant effect on home sales prices.”

Results from this study “are expected to be transferable to other areas,” according to the report.

Even research of proximity to roads, conventional power plants and high-power transmission lines can show a relationship (negative) to property values, according to report co-author Mark Thayer. But not wind facilities.

So, concerns that these gigantic wind facilities are harming their neighbors financially seems to be a myth that can now be laid to rest.

4 thoughts on “Property Values are NOT Harmed by Wind Turbines

  1. Now what wind turbine haters will say? This was one of the last arguments of theirs. Guess they would come up with something like: “These things are REALLY weird”))

  2. This might seem weird to someone but think how weird our planet would’ve been without us using those turbines!

  3. Wow! Nicely put, Bose Wohrm! I’ve got nothing to add. Really

  4. When I read this for the first time I actually remembered a story from “Age of Stupid” movie about a guy who wanted to install some wind turbines but locals opposed it ferociously

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