skyrunnerFunny things happen. At least sometimes they really do. Guess it’s some kind of bonus to rise up our spirit. Well, it looks like the Koreans don’t (or do they?) have a practical sense when they invest $290,000 on a pedal-powered airplane.

The flying thing is rather a dangerous instrument for hobbyists to build, than an actually useful and reliable aircraft, with all its attempts to become green by flying through pedal power.

Other geeky scientists have also invented HPAs (human powered aircraft), and Korea is the 5th. The guys from MIT actually dropped the project since they found it useless.

The Koreans’ Sky Runner weighs 40kg and has a wingspan of 30 meters. Of course, the flight only takes about 150m or so, or until the pilot gets tired of pedaling. This is a crisis-like airplane, and in spite of its wanted economy, the initial investment far outweighs all the possible benefits.

The Koreans don’t want to give up, seeking for talented, strong-footed pilots, and further financing for their project.

I have two questions: what happens if the pilot has a cramp at “high” altitude? Oh, and another one: can you imagine these guys equipped with a machine gun, fighting against each other?

2 thoughts on “Pedal-powered airplane, you say? It’s sooo green!

  1. I really hope they’re planning something bigger than just a weird plane.

  2. It sounds like the weirdest idea of the year!
    At least they made me smile which is not so bad for a pedal-powered airplane 😀

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