wave1Oregon Iron Works announced that it will manufacture the buoys for a New Jersey company that hopes to build Oregon’s first commercial wave power farm.

Oregon Iron Works is an Oregon company with an emerging reputation as an international leader in “green tech” manufacturing. The partnership is the direct result of Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski’s leadership in bringing green jobs and renewable energy to the Oregon economy and his commitment to the responsible development of wave energy as a commercially viable renewable energy source.

The first buoy will weigh about 200 tons and stand as tall as a three-story building.

It’s expected to be installed off Reedsport next year. If it’s successful, another nine buoys will be added by 2012.

The project is receiving tax credits from the state. But the hope is it’ll create up to 150 jobs.

Oregon Iron Works built another buoy a few years ago that sank during testing.  It was recovered and engineers say a bilge pump failed.

Description of the Reedsport Power Station Project

The  PB150, which is the result of more than 15 years of research and development, uses the rise and fall of waves to move the buoy up and down and drive an electric generator inside the buoy. The electricity is then conditioned and transmitted ashore as high-voltage power via an underwater cable. The Reedsport wave power station will be located approximately 2.5 miles off the coast and connect directly to the Bonneville Power Administration’s Gardiner Substation. PNGC Power has signed an agreement with OPT and may purchase some of the electricity generated in Phase Two of the project. OPT plans to place a total of up to ten PB150 units at Reedsport over the next two to three years, with funding from the Department of Energy, federal and Oregon state tax credits, and investment from OPT and other companies. Most of the buoy will sit below the ocean’s surface, making the device nearly invisible from the shoreline.

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