floatIt seems like Norway becomes more and more involved in the new day clean power technologies every day. Today Norwegian company StatoilHydro announced installation of a new type of a floating wind turbine with a 2.3 MW output. A 65 meter high Siemens turbine is attached to the top of a spar-buoy and anchored to the seabed. The turbine has lower deep-water installation costs and now works in the testing mode to assess how it will survive high speed sea winds. The project managers hope the high costs of the turbine will be justified by its generous energy production in the nearest future.

“Floating wind power is not mature technology yet, and the road to commercialization and large scale development is long. An important aspect of the project is therefore research and development,” says head of New Energy at StatoilHydro Alexandra Bech Gjørv.“If we succeed, then we will have taken a major step in moving the wind power industry offshore. Floating wind turbines can make a major contribution to providing the world with clean power, but there are major technical and commercial challenges that need to be resolved. If we are to succeed, we will need to cooperate closely with the authorities. As with other technologies for renewable energy, floating wind power will be dependent on incentive schemes to be viable.”

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