The environment comissioner of the European Union – Stavros Dimas, urges to cut emissiont by 30% before starting the climate change conference in Copenhagen. Stavros Dimas

According to Mr.Dimas, 30% commitment by EU will be better in the negotiations. There should be strong moral pressure on the developed countries and developing countries as well.

It should help to secure a deal, that would help to limit the rise of global temperature maximum to 2 degrees Celsius, added Dimas.

Analyses from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) show that a temperature increase of two degrees can be said to be a threshold value above which the effects of climate change would probably be more difficult to manage and would increase at a quicker pace.

Sweden’s Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, said at a news conference on Monday, that the EU was “very close” to making a pledge to cut emissions by 30 percent, but was not yet ready to do so, The New York Tomes reports.

The EU has a last chance to change its commitment, when heads of state and government gather for their own year-end summit meeting during the second week of December, when the Copenhagen meeting will already be under way.

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