It’s not a surprise anymore that companies of the hi-tech sector become trend-setters for green technologies. The more hi-tech their products get, the more greener their offices turn. First it was Google. Almost two years ago they installed solar panels on their corporate site to meet the power needs of their HQ.  Now it is Dell’s turn.

At their head office in Round Rock, Texas it was  decided to install solar trees in the parking lot.  Envision Solar, the company which planted Google’s “solar garden” too, will score several nature-friendly points with the project by providing some power for the main office site and setting up charging stations for employees’ electric cars right in the parking lot. As to the charging stations, it was Coulomb Technologies’ effort to provide plug-in energy spots for electric hybrid vehicles of Dell staff. The solar panels are BP Solar’s product.

Now those who have hybrid cars and work for Dell can enjoy shade and chrging spot from the solar trees outside  and about 130.000 KW per year for electronic devices inside the headquarter office.

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