Cladophora_socialisAnd speaking of GOT POWERED!, scientists have another great topic for a discussion with your friends today. Paper-thin rechargeable batteries. That’s right they so thin you can print them on a sheet of paper! “What a bright fantastic idea!” you say. Well, it may sound fantastic until you hear this:

While walking on a beach, you might notice that some of them don’t look too good because of a green hairlike alga. And probably you wanted it to go away but…  as it often happens scientists found a way to make a nasty alga useful. First of all, it’s called Cladophora, it’s a freshwater plant characterized by producing a kind of cellulose with a very large surface area. The larger surface is, the more conducting polymer could be put on it and have it recharged. The large surface is also makes such an alga battery work longer. As to the charge, the Cladophora paper battery can hold up to 200 more charge than usual polymer batteries.

Now think of all the ways to use such a paper-thin battery – from electronic birthday cards to car batteries – the potential is immense!

Thanks, little alga! But still – stay away from that beach, please!)

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