renewable-energyA research by alternative energy research company New Energy Finance says that solar energy will cost up to 50% less at the end of this year in comparison with 2008 prices. And this is without subsidies taken in account.

But there is nothing wrong with solar energy as all the types of  alternative energy will drop in price. Why is that? Equipment costs decreasing and are expected to do so in future while the financing market to improve which means alternative energy will go cheaper and cheaper.

New Energy Finance also accented the difference in costs between the thin-film and crystalline silicon technologies. Thin-film solar panels are 20% cheaper meaning it’ll have a bigger portion of the market soon.

There is a good news for wind turbine fans – their costs are down too. By up to 20% below those in 2008. And an average cost decreasing in the alternative energy sector is up to 10%, the New Energy Finance research states.

Having all the above-said in mind we can easily say that the renewable energy sector encouraged by the governmental aid is moving in the right direction with a potential of a new energy boom. The green energy boom.

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